Video Call - Bicycle Appt. Process

Why A Video Call
  • Before you invest time, loading and transporting your bicycle to a shop, make sure they see your bike make/model/components and diagnose the service need
  • A combination of visual and sound help a pro mechanic diagnose the need
  • Often parts have to be ordered. Parts can take days or longer to arrive. 
  • The mechanic will hold the Video Call appointment date/time. 
    • Video Call can be conducted a number of ways. The Mechanic will suggest his alternatives:
      • FaceTime (apple to apple device)
      • Facebook Messenger video chat for Facebook users
      • WhatsApp 
      • Others (chat with your mechanic to see what works best)

Scheduling Service Appointment / After the Call

    • At the end of call you can request an appointment date and time for service. You select the service for the shop and complete the checkout on to hold the appointment and service. Shop will adjust charges and appointment once service is complete.
    • You can download the appt reminder into your phone calendar